Easter Shenanigans

by Kristi on April 21, 2014 · 2 comments

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Happy Monday, friends! :)

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and a lovely Easter for those who celebrated.

I made out like a bandit at our family Easter egg hunt.


Each year, my mom and dad hide eggs for my brothers and sisters and I and have a little too much fun watching as we scramble around to find them. Yes, we are all adults. :) Often, we’ll team up in search of eggs, but since it was just my brother, sister-in-law and me yesterday, we decided to go it alone. It gets kind of competitive. My SIL tripped on a dog bed and sprained her toe diving after one egg, and I nearly took my eye out with a sharp plant bending down to grab another. We were that joking this was the “Hunger Games Edition” Easter egg hunt. ;)

My parents can never remember their hiding places so, inevitably, a few eggs are forgotten each year. This year was no exception (good thing they’re plastic eggs ;) ). Once the hunt is over, we sort through our eggs – each one is numbered and the number corresponds to an item, such as a gift card, etc. that we then receive. This year, my loot consisted of chocolate, a Starbucks gift card and wine. All wins in my book.

Afterward, we turned the tables on my parents and created a mini Easter egg hunt for them. Unbeknownst to me, my brother and SIL had planned the surprise hunt for my mom and dad, complete with their own set of numbered eggs and corresponding gifts. It was fun watching my parents run around looking for eggs for a change, and I think they enjoyed it. :)


I spent most of the remainder of the day attending an event at my acupuncturist’s office, sort of a spiritual workshop if you will. :) I was a little bummed to be away from my family for the day, but the event turned out to be very cool and I’m definitely glad I went. Afterwards, I still had enough time left in the evening to head back to my parents’ place to hang out with them and watch ‘Castle.’ Our usual. ;)

This morning I’m working on a little blog and business stuff before my volunteer shift this afternoon. I’m also thinking a run needs to happen before it gets too warm outside.  Hope you have a wonderful Monday! <3



Question: For those who celebrated, what did you do for Easter? Any fun family traditions?

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Friday Favorites – 4/18

by Kristi on April 18, 2014 · 4 comments

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Hey, hey! Happy Friday! :)

Hands up if you’re ready for the weekend. :) Anybody have any fun Easter plans? We usually have our traditional Easter egg hunt at my parents’ house where we put aside the fact that we’re thirty-something adults and scramble to find painted eggs with numbers that correspond to various goodies like Starbucks gift cards and chocolate. I can deal. ;)

Here are some favorites from the week!

Favorite view:


I managed to hit my favorite hiking trail not once but twice this week. I’m trying to take advantage of all the hiking I can before our weather turns deathly hot. I never get tired of this scenery!

Favorite jam:


Last night I was in a little bit of a funk (I blame a late afternoon nap), so I turned on some music, grabbed a mop and got to work on my kitchen tile. For some reason, cleaning always puts me in a better mood. Belting out a little Beyonce never hurts either. ;) I could seriously listen to this song on repeat forever and ever.

Favorite wrap-up:


Earlier in the week, I wrapped up a little project I’ve been working on for my blog and newsletter (coming soon!) It always feels so good to see a project to completion and I’m really excited to share this one with you guys!

Favorite quote:



Favorite links:

3 Ways to Move Through Fear from Ashley at Your Super Awesome Life

This video from Marie Forleo —> A must see for all night owls. :)

Have a good one, friends!



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