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Hey friends!

I hope your week is off to a great start! :)

Today I thought it might be fun to do something a little different and give you glimpse into what a typical day looks like for me. (Yes, I just realized the irony of that as I was typing it since my blog is literally a daily log of my life, but I think you get the picture. ;) ) Since I divide my time between my veterinary job and coaching business, I don’t really have a day that’s ‘typical,’ although Monday is kind of a good choice to showcase because it’s usually an equal mix of work and other stuff.

I always like when other bloggers do these kinds of posts so I hope you guys enjoy! And at the risk of sharing more than you ever wanted to know about me, here we go. :)

5:45 am: I am woken up by hungry dogs walking across my chest and licking my face. Alan and Jelly Bean tend to be early risers, so they’re the usual culprits. Eddy is a little more relaxed and generally hangs back in bed while I let the girls out to go potty.

5:50 am: I attempt to trick Alan and JB into going back to bed, but it usually fails and this morning was no exception. Ok, ok I’m up!

5:55 am: I take a big swig of the cup of water I keep beside my bed and wander into the kitchen to start the dogs’ feeding routine. This takes a few extra minutes due to Alan’s diabetic monitoring and insulin, but I’ve pretty much got it down to a science.

6:00 am: I flop down on the couch with my cozy blanket and the girls while Eddy wanders outside for the first time. He always takes his sweet time out there first thing in the morning. I actually have no idea what he is up to!

6:10 am: I usually get up and get my day started at this point. This morning, however, I was extra sleepy from staying up later than usual to chat with my best friend on Skype (worth it), so I set my alarm and snoozed on the couch for another forty minutes. Time well spent.

6:50 am: I roll off the couch and get dressed in my workout clothes, grab a small snack (almost always a half a banana with sunflower butter) plus more water and prepare myself to head out for my morning workout. At this time I usually take a scroll through my Instagram feed. Seeing pics of East Coast and Midwest IG friends who have already completed their workouts always motivates me to get going.

7:15 am: I am in the car and driving off to my workout destination of choice. Lately, I have been hiking Monday mornings. I walk/run a 3 and a half mile trail while listening to a mix of Joyce Meyer podcasts and the 2Cellos station on Pandora. It’s an amazing way to kick off my week. This morning’s hike was super windy, but it left me feeling energized and motivated nonetheless.

9:00 am: I arrive back home a sweaty mess and quickly start a pot of coffee brewing before hopping in the shower.

9:15 am: Breakfast! My favorite meal of the day. :) Right now I am on a smoothie and waffle kick. I sprinkle my waffles with coconut oil, cinnamon and stevia and dunk them into my smoothie. Side note: You should try this.

9:30 am: While I sip my coffee, I read from ‘A Course in Miracles’ and spend about 10 -15 minutes in mediation reflecting on the daily lesson (I’m on # 93). I love this morning’s lesson and my meditation feels particularly awesome. I head over to my Bloglovin’ feed to catch up on a few of my favorite blogs…

9:45 am: I blowdry my hair quickly, because if let it dry on it’s own and becomes a kinky mess. I toss in some curlers and spend a few more minutes in meditation and thinking about how I’d like my day to go, etc.

10:00 am : Time for more coffee and Pandora. This morning I’m working on a project for my blog and newsletter that I will be kicking off in May. I get about 90% of the way done before calling it quits for lunch.

12 pm: I whip up a quick stir fry that will serve as my lunch today as well as a couple days at work this week. I return some emails emails and read a few blogs while I inhale eat my food. I also down another cup of coffee because, well, it’s Monday. ;)

1:04 pm: I glance at the clock and realize I better get up right this second or I’ll be late to my afternoon volunteer shift at the Phoenix Children’s hospital. I rush to get ready, never having a clue what to wear. I usually try to dress in something fun or with a pattern that I think kids might like. It doesn’t matter in the end because my purple volunteer apron covers everything anyway.

1:58 pm: Arrive at Phoenix Children’s Hospital just in the nick of time before my shift starts. Sprint to the 7th floor Hematology and Oncology playroom to see what’s going on for the day.

2:00 – 5:00 pm: I spend most of my shift at the hospital bedside with an 8 year old girl painting watercolors. She’s having a tough day because she’s beginning to lose her hair due to her chemo treatments, so I do my best to cheer her up. I end up getting a few smiles and a hug out of her. This offers me a whole new perspective on my own problems.

5:35 pm: I arrive home starving because I didn’t eat enough for lunch. This nearly always happens, so I make a mental note to pack a larger portion for work tomorrow. I down another half of a banana with some sunflower butter, which does the trick for the time being.

5:40 pm: Take the dogs for a quick walk around the block. Per usual, Alan tuckers out halfway through and I end up carrying her the rest of the way. I wonder if it’s time to invest in a Baby Bjorn…

5:55 pm: Feed the dogs and do the whole diabetic routine again.

6:00 – 6:30: I fit in a short upper body workout and quickly straighten up around the house and organize my work bag for the week. Tomorrow is technically my Monday and I always feel much better when my house is nice and orderly for the week ahead.

6:45 pm: Pack up the dogs and head over to my parents’ house for dinner. This is pretty much my Monday night ritual. We usually cook up some food and spend the evening watching TV and chatting. Currently, we’re really into the Voice. Tonight is no exception and we comment on the performances, taking bets on who the judges will pick. I usually end up in a ridiculously good mood about halfway through the Voice. Music invigorates me.

9:00-9:40 pm: Since watching any kind of music-related show always makes me wish I actually was a musician (a girl can dream), I spend some time messing around on my parents’ piano. I teach myself a few bars of ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele courtesy of YouTube tutorials and what I can pick out by ear. I drive home feeling like a rock star and vow to learn the entire song. (I probably won’t.)

9:40-10:10 pm: I sleepily type up this blog post then brush my teeth and meditating again for about 15 minutes before crawling into bed. If I don’t immediately face plant into my pillow, I may spend a few minutes reading from my current book, ‘Miracles Now’ by Gabby Bernstein.

And there you have it. :) That’s pretty much how I spend my day. Hope you enjoyed reading about it!

Goodnight friends!



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Hi friends!

I made it back from the Vegas wedding weekend in one piece. I had a lot of fun but definitely glad to be back home with no travel plans on the horizon for a little while. Since Friday kind of got away from me with all of the wedding preparation and festivities, I thought I’d pop in today with some favorites. Better late than never. ;)

Favorite moments:


Getting to see my beautiful friend Joan the moment that the hair, makeup and dress all came together. I definitely shed a tear! She was such an incredibly stunning and gracious bride. <3


In the car on the ride to the wedding venue with Christy, one of the other bridesmaids (yes, the fact that we have the same name made for a confusing weekend :) ), getting our game faces on.


Sharing an inside joke with the Joan during the final countdown, mere moments before her walk down the aisle.

Favorite view:


The scene from our hotel room at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino was breathtaking. While the other girls were busy getting their hair and makeup done, Joan and and I took a few moments and perched on the edge of the tub to enjoy the peaceful view before all of the wedding craziness set in.

Favorite new experience:


Joan’s husband Blake is originally from Louisiana and his family’s contribution to the rehearsal dinner was an authentic, Louisiana-style crawfish boil. It was my first ever crawfish experience. I think it was so cool of Blake’s family to share one of their traditions with us. Holding a live crawfish shortly before the boil, however, maybe not quite as cool… :(

Some favorite links from around the internet:

This post on the un-productivity of fear from my girl crush, Elizabeth. Seriously, read her blog and try not to fall in love. Not possible.

10 Reasons to Send a Handwritten Note. Something to think about next time you’re ready to send a text or email telling someone how much you care.

This positive spin on being newly divorced from the always upbeat Janae.

I’m off to do a little vision-boarding (it’s ok, that’s an actual verb) then meet up with my mom to look for some new work shoes. Hope you have a lovely Sunday!





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