I’m so psyched today to share with you a course that impacted my life in a really profound way.

Last September I enrolled in Belinda Davidson’s School of the Modern Mystic and embarked on an amazing chakra cleansing journey that forever changed the way I view myself and my spiritual practice. For seven months I dove deep into the world of chakras and saw some pretty amazing shifts occur in my life as a result.

For anyone committed to personal and spiritual growth, getting your energy straight is a must. When your energy is aligned, your life just flows.

To be honest, prior to SoMM, I didn’t pay a ton of attention to my energy. I tend to be a tad, um, analytical. ;) I’m all about introspection and journaling and figuring things out. Needless to say, all of that over-thinking can get me into trouble at times. The truth is, there are some things that are simply beyond our ability to analyze. I believe there are certain things that just need to be healed on an energetic level. By allowing me to focus on my energy for a change, SoMM proved to be a beautiful compliment to the more rational side of my spiritual practice.

SoMM opened up a whole new world for me. I learned all about the intricate workings of my chakras (or energy centers) and how they could become dull or clogged with old emotions causing me to become stuck in certain areas of my life. Through exploring the seven basic chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, third eye and crown) in SoMM I learned how to tune into my energy and better use it to my advantage. I literally couldn’t wait for the start of each course module so I could dive deep into a new chakra and learn all about how it corresponded to and affected different areas of my life.

The beauty of this course, and working with the chakras in general, is that it takes the guess work out of the healing process. Really. Working on your chakras is kind of like taking your car in for regular maintenance. By spending the time to do the routine upkeep everything runs more smoothly. I was amazed that by simply focusing on cleansing my chakras through meditation (you receive two guided chakra cleanse meditations as part of course), things just seemed to start flowing in my life. I really didn’t have to do much else.

By immersing myself in the wonderful world of the chakras I learned the following:

  • I became aware of which chakras of mine were rocking and which needed a little extra love (hello, heart chakra!)
  • I discovered the connection between my chakras and the blocks I was dealing with in my external life. So. many. ah-ha. moments.
  • I walked away with new insights about myself and my interactions with others.
  • I gained an awareness of my energy that I’d never had before and learned how to harness it so I could feel my best and put my best out into the world.
  • By the end of the course I could not only intuitively sense where my blockages were, but I also had the tools to heal them. It really is pretty incredible.

I have so much gratitude for everything I learned in SoMM. In fact, I largely credit this course and the tools I gained from it with healing my money blocks. My chakra work continues to enhance my spiritual practice today, and I still do my chakra cleanse meditation weekly or any time I’m feeling a little ‘off.’

I’m not going to lie to you – this course is intense and it’s a big commitment (you can expect to spend 2-3 hours per week or more working through the material), but the journey through the chakras is an amazing one and well worth the time and energy spent. Along with the numerous video modules, meditations and other course materials, you will receive guidance from Belinda, support from the course’s coach, Rhondda (Belinda’s mom!), plus access to a lovely community of soul seekers from all around the world including many of Belinda’s fellow Australian mystics (and let’s face it, the Aussies are just fun :) ).

Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic starts September 29th!

Enrollment for the next round of SoMM opens this September and if this sounds awesome to you then I’d love to invite you to check it out. If you’re curious about the course or have any questions about my experience feel free to shoot me an email and we can chat!




Friendly Disclaimer: I am honored to be an affiliate of Belinda’s and to be able to share this amazing course with you. If you sign up for SoMM using my affiliate link I will happily and gratefully receive a commission. If SoMM sounds like your thing and you feel called to enroll, I would love to pay that gratitude forward by gifting you with three free 60 minute coaching sessions (a $375 value) to help support you on your SoMM journey. <3

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You are the Love


This is a lesson I am constantly learning (and learning and learning again, haha). And it is one I’m sure I will continue to learn because this is truly the work of our lives. This lesson right here.

You are the love you have been looking for. 

We all go through life searching for something. Each and every one of us at one or many points throughout our lives feels a dull, unrelenting ache deep inside, a yearning for something we can’t quite define. Because we don’t know what it is we’re searching for, we look to our external circumstances —- a job, a relationship or material things —- to fill us up, to hep fill the void. And while we search we do everything we can to try to numb that dull, aching feeling. We numb it out with food or alcohol, by working too hard or any number of other things until finally we get the job, the relationship or the thing we think we’ve been searching for and we latch on tightly. Then, for a brief period everything is wonderful. The stars seem to align and all is right with the world. But the feeling is always fleeting. IF we are relying solely on that outside circumstance, person or thing to fill us up, that is.

Ugh. Why can’t the wonderful feeling just last? (Totally frustrating, I know.) Because what we’re searching for in reality isn’t the job or the relationship or any material item. It’s love. And the only love we are truly ever searching for (and the only love that will truly ever make us happy) comes from within. End of story.

So why are we so fixated on searching for love outside of ourselves? Because of this little thing called an ego. A Course in Miracles teaches us that the basic goal of the spiritual ego is “Seek and do not find.” Our egos are fiercely committed to preventing us from finding the love within. The job, the relationship, the material things you think you need —- they’re all distractions that keep us walking in circles, searching aimlessly for the love that’s been right inside of us all along. That is not to say you can’t or shouldn’t want a fulfilling job, an amazing relationship, killer shoes or whatever. YES! Absolutely you can and should have all of those things and more. The problem comes when we attempt to use them as a replacement for the love within. That never works.

When we remember to first connect to the love within, we have an expanded capacity to feel and experience all of the beauty and magic that life has to offer. In fact, we can actually enjoy our relationships, our jobs and our material possessions even more. We can release our grip on our partner, for example, and appreciate him or her for who they truly are because we are no longer dependent on them to fill a void or bring us love. We are no longer relying on anyone or anything to make us whole. We simply already are. We literally change the landscape of our outer lives to reflect that love within.

So how do we connect to that love? It starts with a simple awareness, a willingness to recognize that you are the love you have been looking for and you have the power to choose. From there, it’s a constant practice and a commitment. It’s trial and error. You will make mistakes, and that’s ok. As I mentioned before, I am constantly re-learning this lesson. If you recognize that you’re siding with your ego rather than love, go easy on yourself. Be gentle and compassionate. You can always choose again. But never forget that it is your choice.




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