Are You Putting Your Faith in Fear or Love?

by Kristi on December 18, 2014 · 4 comments

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I want to ask you a question. Do you find yourself putting more faith in fear than love?

Let me give you an example. This past weekend, I was on vacation with my family in California. We spent a long weekend visiting Disneyland and enjoying wine country in Temecula. What could be more magical than that, right? We were having a blast, driving back to the hotel for the evening. I looked down at my phone and saw I had a missed call from my petsitter.

I immediately imagined the worst. (I live in the desert and can often hear coyotes from my backyard. There have also been stories of mountain lions scaling the wall and snatching pups near my neighborhood.) I spent a few moments frantically trying to call and text her with no luck due to my lack of cell phone signal. Since I was basically stuck without an option to find out what was going on, I forced myself to take a deep breath. I acknowledged the fear that was coming up and then I allowed myself to react differently. I told myself, “Maybe she just has a simple question. I’m sure everything is fine.” Within a few moments, I received a text from my petsitter saying she had pocket dialed me by mistake. No crisis. No coyotes. No mountain lion.

This is just a small example of how our minds work, though. We turn toward worry, or anxiety or fear, just like a reflex. It may not sound like a huge deal, but when we add all of these smaller instances up, that’s a lot of unnecessary fear. These days, it seems most of us are almost hard-wired for fearful thoughts. We place our attention on fear. We expect the worst case scenario. We assume other people are out to get us. It doesn’t help that the media constantly projects fear into our living rooms and newspapers. We’ve grown accustomed to living in a state of fear. But we can choose to change.


When we put our faith in love, love grows. And love is a choice. Just like fear, anxiety, worry and despair are also choices. Much, much too frequently, we place our faith in these low-level feelings, which then become our reality.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Worry is interest paid in advance on a debt you may never owe.” You can apply it to any of these low vibration feelings (they’re all essentially fear anyhow). What price do we pay by repeatedly investing in fear?

It’s true, we can’t control our external circumstances, but what we can control is our reaction to our circumstances.  What we choose to see determines our reality.

If you’re reading this, my dear friend, this is a call to put more faith in love.

When you’re feeling lack, choose love. When you’re feeling lonely, choose love. When you’re feeling fear or worry, anxiety or judgement, choose love. Put your faith in the guy to call, in people’s good intentions, in everything to turn out ok. Fear keeps us small. Love calls us to expand.

When we live from a place of love there is no limit to what is possible.



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Where Darkness Meets Light

by Kristi on December 11, 2014 · 4 comments

in A Course In Miracles, Emotions

“You cannot bring the light to the darkness. You must bring the darkness to the light.”

– A Course in Miracles.


I’m guessing many of you have been feeling a lot of intense emotion surfacing this week. I’m right there with you. The past several days I’ve been experiencing a lot of old emotional junk come up, stuff I thought I’d dealt with long ago. It’s been frustrating to say the least. Still, I know that whenever old stuff from the past surfaces, it’s a call to go even deeper into my own healing.

In the past I would have adamantly resisted an emotional upheaval like this. I thought if I was feeling angry, anxious or sad it meant that something was going wrong in my life. (Don’t we all just want to be happy all the time?) Now I know that the lows are an essential part of personal and spiritual growth.  I know from my darkest times, some of my deepest healing has occurred. In fact, spiritual growth is just a continuous cycle of constriction and expansion, purging and clearing, unearthing and healing.

It would be great if we could just wave a magic wand and have all of our old fears and emotional baggage disappear, but it doesn’t work that way. Fears and emotional wounds need to be brought to the surface to heal, kind of like a detox. Old limiting beliefs need to pop up and smack us in the face from time to time so we can challenge them and say, “Hey, that doesn’t really fit for me anymore.” Old hurts need to be brought up to the light so they can be viewed with fresh eyes.


I’m not going to sit here and tell you it doesn’t suck. Like I said, the past few days have been rough. What I am here to tell you is that it’s ok to dwell in that darkness for awhile. Don’t fight it.

When we allow ourselves to sit quietly and just be with our sadness, our discomfort, our fears, something magical happens. If we can sit patiently, without judgement, and simply witness this process, eventually we approach that place where darkness meets the light. And from that darkness, such a beautiful light is born.




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